Thor on a “typical” writing day

by on 28/08/10 at 7:00 am

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To be a productive writer you have to have an iron will. The Internet is probably the best and worst thing to ever happen to writers. It’s great for research, but can be a terrible distraction when you need to focus on getting your work done. I have a goal of 2,500 words per day, which is about five single-spaced pages. As soon as the quota is hit, I get to go do something else, but during a typical day, I am normally at my desk the entire time. One of the tricks I learned from one of my writing professors at USC, Stanley Ralph Ross, was to never end the day at the end of a chapter. If that’s where I am, I begin the next chapter and try to get a couple of sentences in it. This way I’m not worried about where I should go next, I am already there. When I arrive at my desk the next day, the wheels are already spinning, and I’m excited about where my thriller is going.–Brad Thor

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  • Cinnie2

    I did that for about a week: no online until I had written for two hours. I think I should go back to that. The word number scares me, because part of my process is the planning. Maybe I should set both a time and a small word count.
    Anyway, Great post!

  • Vikk

    I firm believer to stick with what works.

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