Eisler on a “typical” writing day

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I find there’s a ration between thinking and writing, and when I’m just getting started on a book, the raio is skewed heavily toward thinking, but as the story progresses and I figure things out, I can write more and need to think less. By the time I’ve reached the last 10 percent of the book, I’ve discovered the whole story out and it’s pure writing–an electrifying feeling, like I’ve grabbed the back of a comet and am struggling just to hang on. So at the start of things, I spend a lot of time walking and thinking, and a 500-word-day feels great. In the middle, I feel comfortable with 1,000 or so, and I’m spending more time in front of the computer. Two thousand always feels good. By the last third of the book, my average gets closer to 3,000 and I’m spending close to eight hours a day writing, with sanity breaks mixed in here and there. The most I’ve written in a day (twenty-two straight hours), with my fingers a blur and hair on fire, was 8,200–the last two of which, no coincidentally, were “The End.”–Barry Eisler

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