Kava on a “typical” writing day

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There is no typical. In Florida, I write on the deck or in my office or by the kitchen counter. In Omaha it’s on the screened-in porch orin the writing shed or late at night sitting up in bed. Sometimes I use a stand-up desk because I tend to pace. I write bits and pieces of chapters and dialogue in a notebook. Another notebook has all my research notes. These days, I force myself to use a laptop as much as possible because it’s quicker, though I swear I think better in longhand. I still do what I like to call my writing marathons. I try to clear my schedule of appointments, distractions, engagements for a least a week at a time, and I write form morning until evening. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I’ve been known to guzzle pots of the stuff during my marathons. That’s about as typical as I get.–Alex Kava

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