Lustbader on a “typical” writing day

by on 19/08/10 at 7:00 am

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The word “typical” is not in my vocabulary. Right from the get go, I was taught to think independently, to think outside the box, and, most importantly, to see the big picture. As I’ve already said, I’m thinking about a project 24/7. That means, for instance, I always have a pad and pen beside my bed. Invariably, in the midst of a novel, I’ll have a fistful of thoughts the moment after I turn out the lights at night. I used to write only in the morning, but over the years, that’s changed. Now I often don’t get started writing until three or four in the afternoon. Why that is, I can’t say; writing is a basically irrational experience. And it’s hard work, but try telling that to anyone who doesn’t write.–Eric Van Lustbader

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